Nyasha Munodawafa | Researcher

Nyasha Munodawafa joins PNG as a researcher, supporting a range of data-driven and complex economic analytical projects. Trained as a financial economist, Nyasha holds a Bachelor of Business Science in Finance from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. He is currently completing a master’s in applied economics at the University of Winnipeg, Canada.

Since 2013, Nyasha has worked in construction as a project manager and in diamond mining as a personal aide to a mining engineer. He founded a luggage wear manufacturing business in 2014 that makes affordable backpacks and handbags for people living in rural areas in Southern Africa. After winding down the manufacturing business, in 2017 he worked as a business advisor at a technology company incubator in South Africa. In 2018, he worked as an operations and marketing manager for a crypto-token remittance company.

He is working towards to being an economist with a focus on solving problems using large data sets.