Javier Perez | Senior Researcher

Javier Perez joins PNG as a marketing consultant and analyst. Javier has a BA in Political Science from Swarthmore College and has over eight years’ experience in research, writing, and project administration.  Since 2014, Javier has supported many projects for PNG, ranging from the preparation of policy analysis and research to quantitative economic impact analyses of U.S. federal regulation and guidance.

Javier is also a published poet and academic author. He has been awarded multiple fellowships and grants to support his writing/poetry work and research.  From 2013 to 2014, he received the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to conduct an international project involving imprisoned youth.  The project took place in five countries from three different continents and focused on helping participants to express themselves through poetry workshops.

Javier’s poetry work has been selected by award-winning authors for prestigious competitions such as a finalist for the Center for the Book Arts Chapbook Program.  Moreover, his research work in sociology and history has been published in academic papers and forthcoming book chapters.  To support his work, in 2019, Javier received a grant administrated by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.  Javier is currently completing his PhD in Sociology at the University of Cape Town, conducting a study on poetry workshops within South African prisons. In his free time, Javier works as Director of C.Y.P.H.E.R, a Cape Town-based organization he founded in 2015, which trains young poets through writing workshops, professional development, and performances.