Policy & Economic Analysis

We have extensive academic and practical experience constructing policy and economic analyses. We infuse our academic training with concrete experience in the industry and in engineering practice. The many economic analyses we have written draw from both sources of knowledge. From our OMB experience, we ensure our analyses follow OMB’s directives and analytic requirements.  We have prepared economic analyses for some of the major issues of our time – the particulate matter ambient air standards, vehicle fuel efficiency standards, and other multi-billion dollar rulemakings.

  • Preparing Economic Analyses of Regulations, Guidance, and Policy Initiatives
  • Support and Guidance to Fulfill Statutory and OMB Policy Analysis Requirements
  • Streamlining, Planning, and Accelerating Paperwork Reduction Act Compliance
  • Superior and Flexible Classroom and Online Training in Executive Branch Procedures
  • Obtain Federal Resources for Innovation and Growth

Science Policy Advocacy

Policy Navigation Group has developed and managed the national advocacy strategy for trade associations and a coalition of companies for several high-profile emerging science and technology issues. We are performing and coordinating the economic and regulatory analysis as well as the policy and science policy advocacy for these issues.

  • Legislative & Executive Branch Advocacy
  • Quantitative Economic Analysis to Support Advocacy
  • Assess Regulatory and Policy Challenges and Opportunities
  • Obtain Federal Resources for Innovation and Growth

Cleanup Solutions

We have reduced our clients’ potential environmental liability by hundreds of millions of dollars. Using innovative advocacy, we create new options to meet financial targets and redevelopment deadlines. Our experience can assist you in managing your environmental liability at any stage of the process.

  • Legislative & Executive Branch Advocacy
  • Achieve Approval of Innovative Cleanup Solutions